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SVT Gallery: Brown Paper Bag Series

Beth Consetta Rubel's array of images are gorgeous enough to appreciate for the skill of their rendering – this is portraiture that makes you smile with its precision and ingenuity – but there's a deeper reason these faces are painted on brown paper bags. (Where does your racial identity come from, reader? Which tests have you had to pass?) Recommended. Through Oct. 25. Wed.-Sat., 7-9:30pm.

Am I White

Listen: When a Neo-Nazi terrorist returns to prison after a failed bomb plot, he's confronted with the two identities that threaten his position within the White Order of Thule: fatherhood and his own mixed-race heritage. Just how "post-racial" is the USA? Ben Wolfe is the lead in this tense drama by playwright Adrienne Dawes, directed by Jenny Larson for Salvage Vanguard Theater. See our review right here. Bonus: Beth Consetta Rubel's Brown Paper Bag Series in the SVT Lobby Gallery. Through Oct. 25. Wed.-Sat., 8pm. $20-35 (pay what you wish, Wednesdays).

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Beth Consetta Rubel Art Exhibit

That eye. That hand. Those faces. Do not miss this art show. Sat., Oct. 4 - Fri., Oct. 24Opening night: Sat., Oct. 4, 9:30pm; show runs through Fri., Oct. 24.


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