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Chen Z Hot Pot and Noodle Bar

Let's put it this way: Red chili won ton bathed in peanut sauce; grilled lamb skewers; green onion crepes; 14 options for wok-fried noodles. Hot pots to share are $6 each, try the tomato variety first.
2700 Anderson, #212, 512/336-8888

China Palace

The Palace was huge back in the Seventies and Eighties, with long lines and great Chinese cuisine. It's back with a vengeance and loaded with authentic flavor. Get it delivered if you don't want to leave the house.
6605 Airport, 512/451-7104

Kim Phung Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

Most folks go for the pho or the bun, but you should give the dinners a try. The hot-and-sour soup rocks, and the lunch specials are big, cheap, and delicious.
7601-I N. Lamar, 512/451-2464