Institution Theater

3708 Woodbury

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It's … Institutional!

Virgin Territory Spotlight on new stand-ups, hosted by the incandescent Brently Heilbron. Thu., Oct. 23, 8pm. $5. Crash Every Party with socially progressive improv troupe iScream Sandwich, with free cocktails included! Fridays, 8pm. Through Oct. 31. $12. Mister Morbid's Moonlight Movie Mayhem Madness Massacre Tom Booker returns as the small-town fright-flick TV host, abetted in his kitschy creepiness by two improv troupes each night. Fridays, 10pm. Through Oct 31. $10. RISEN: Improv set in World War Z It's horribly zombified, innit? Saturdays, 8pm. Through Nov. 1. $12. Weirdsville, USA Step aside, Art Bell, twitchy Bill Belpre and his improv friends know where the Big Greys are really hidden. Saturdays, 10pm. Through Oct. 25. $10.