May 21-27, 1999

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Articles and Features

Special Section: The Coronation of George II

The Can't-Miss Kid by Robert Bryce

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why George W. Bush will be our next president; but there are also a few reasons why he won't.

Bush vs. Bush by Robert Bryce

President Bush signed the Clean Air Act into law; his son helps polluters get around it.

Forgiving His Trespasses by Lisa Tozzi

Party boy Bush straightens up and flies right -- religious right, that is.

Extra Credit by Kevin Fullerton

The turnaround of the Texas educational system may be more a matter of timing than the efforts of Gov. Bush.

Hooked on Phonics by Erica C. Barnett

Bush pushes reading education the way God intended it.

Borderline Bush by Erica C. Barnett

Hispanics gave him the vote -- so what has he given back?

Media Clips by Lee Nichols

The Statesman begins to smell the coffee on Bush, but they would still love to see him as prez.

Heir to the Throne by Jenny Staff

Lt. Gov. Rick Perry prepares for the ascension.

Where Was George? by Louis DuBose

Bush failed in his promise to put Texas before campaigning.

City and State News

Naked City edited by Lisa Tozzi

The city tries to make mixed-income neighborhoods a reality; local bigwigs take the first flight into Bergstrom; and a yellow dog follows the GOP money online.

On the Lege edited by Lisa Tozzi

Barrientos tries to shoot down Ron Wilson's airport amendment; parental notification heads for the governor's desk; Austin-bashing jokes; journalists bite the hand that pushes legislation for them.

Council Watch by Kevin Fullerton and Lisa Tozzi

The City Council and the neighborhoods butt heads over day labor.