EBONY SUN JAVA HOUSE presents East Side Black & White Poetry with Ana Sisnet. Hosted by Stazja McFayden. Thu, Nov 19, sign-up 7:30pm, 1209 E. 11th, Ste. C. 346-7773.

AN OPEN HOUSE party will be hosted, featuring readings, food, and music. Free and open to the public. Sun, Dec 6, 2-4pm, at the Open Field Creative Writing Center, 1315-B W. Sixth. 481-9812.

DAVID O'NEAL will sign copies of The Pact With Bruno, the second of his thriller trilogy series. Mon, Dec 7, 6-8pm, at the Sunset Valley Bookstop. 5601 Brodie Lane.

Lectures & Seminars

THE OPEN FIELD CREATIVE Writing Center has ongoing workshops in mixed genre, poetry, fiction, performance poetry, and bookmaking for journals and poems. 1315 B W. Sixth. 481-9812 or 280-6595.

ROY H. WILLIAMS, author of The Wizard of Ads, will speak at the November meeting of the Austin Writers' League. Free and open to the public. Thu, Nov 19, 7pm, at the First Unitarian Church, 4700 Grover. 499-8914.


LIFE IS A POEM TO GOD by Patricia Cruser is a remarkably gentle and generous collection of reflections on the myriad sorrows and joys of being human in a strange and mysterious world. Skillfully edited by Austin poet John Herndon, this essentially Christian work holds treasures of soft-spoken wisdom for other monotheist and polytheist travellers as well. Simple, direct, almost Zen-like, and thankfully not as cloying as so much advice poetry can be, this would make an excellent gift for the coming holidays for the gentler readers in your life.

LADY LUCK is Thom the World Poet's latest chapbook. It features photos and poems from a trip to the true soul capital of America: Las Vegas. Poetry in Vegas. Ya' takes yer chances, and chances are, y'er took. I take it he's returning Dec 14-17th for NAPJAM #3. Available at FringeWare. $5. For info on the NAPJAM poetry thang

Call for Entries

BORDERLANDS: TEXAS POETRY REVIEW, the superb anthology produced here in Austin, is looking for a new Journal Coordinator to oversee volunteer appointments/responsibilities. Other key positions are available in bookkeeping, grantwriting/fundraising, and promotions. Send résumé and letter of interest to: Borderlands, c/o Austin Writers' League, 1501 W. Fifth, Ste E-2, Austin, TX 78703-5155. 477-7434 or

KOOP'S 3-D RADIO THEATRE is always seeking writers to contribute material. They especially need dramatic monologues, short scenes, and performance art pieces. Last Sunday of every month. Sun, Nov 29, at Movements Gallery, 211 E. Sixth. 451-3478.

LITERAL LATTE is having their fiction and poetry contests again. Poetry theme this year is food/eating. Send yer unpublished stuff with name, address, and phone number on cover page only with a SASE or e-mail address for reply, postmarked by Dec 31, with a $10 fee for up to four poems or $15 for up to six poems (and this option gets you a free one year's subscription) to: Literal Latte, 61 E. Eighth, Ste 240, NYC 10003. The fiction is up to 6,000 words with $10 for one story or $15 gets you the same deal as above. The fiction deadline is Jan 19; all else is the same. 212/260-5532.

NERVE COWBOY, an outstanding independent anthology, is still seeking work for its next volume. Send your poems to: Nerve Cowboy, PO Box 4973, Austin, TX 78765.

UTTER, A LITERARY MAGAZINE, seeks submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Utter, c/o Women and Their Work, 1710 Lavaca, Austin 78701.


BOOK PEOPLE has many writers signing and/or reading. They also have a reading group which meets every other Wednesday. Next is Kirsten Bakis' Lives of the Monster Dogs.Wed, Nov 18. They also have a reading group which meets every other Wednesday. All book discussions take place 7-8:30pm in the southwest corner of the second floor. By signing up at customer service participants receive a 10% discount on all featured titles. Rena Korb leads the book discussion group. 603 N. Lamar. 371-1910.

WRITING FROM THE HEART (and other places) is open to anyone interested in practicing writing and overcoming writer's block. They meet every other Saturday. Sat, Nov 21, 10am-noon, at the Little Walnut Creek Library, 835 W. Rundberg. 907-1821.


TERRA TOYS has a regular Sunday afternoon reading of children's books. Sundays, 1pm, 1706 S. Congress. 445-4489.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Poetry is at its regular 7:30 spot. This is still an APAL open mike. Hosted by John Hawk and Diane Fleming. Featured poet up next is Mim Scharlack of San Antonio who accompanies herself on conga. Sat, Nov 21, sign-up at 7:30pm, at Quackenbush's, 2120

BYOB: BLAST YOUR OWN BREATH poetry readings with the fabulous Tammy Gomez hosting continues that yogic poesis inhale and exhale thang. Wed, Nov 25, 9-10:30pm, at Movements Gallery, 211 E. Sixth.

TEXAS NAFAS, the poetry show produced at Austin Community Access Center, seeks to honor the soul through poetry on television. November's show is "Our English Connection: Part I," with Part II coming in December, and features some of the English poets who visited Austin last year for the Austin International Poetry Festival. Jamuna the Bard (from London) and Rupert Hopkins (from Bristol) recite poetry in natural settings and share their thoughts about poetry. Thom the World Poet, Howard Frost (from Yorkshire), Jamuna, Rupert, and others share their thoughts about poetry in an informal discussion that covers the struggle of British poets, the purpose of the Austin International Poetry Festival, the definitions of "poet" and "bard," and the purpose of poetry in general. Show includes readings at Waterloo Ice House and Barry's Coffee House in Temple. Cable Channel 16. Sat,10 pm.

BORDERS has several exciting readings and signings this month. Susan Wittig Albert signs and reads from Chile Death, her latest China Bayles mystery: Thu, Nov 19, 6pm. R. T. Stone presents a spiritual forum and booksigning for his new fiction piece, The Journals: Fri, Nov 20, 7:30pm. Laura Furman signs and reads from her memoir, Ordinary Paradise: Sat, Nov 21, 3pm. Jake Roussel, 16-year-old poet, reads from his second book of poetry, Time Is Slipping Away: Sat, Nov 28, 2pm. Their children's story times are Thu 10:30am and Sat 11am. 10225 Research. 795-9553.

RUTA MAYA COFFEE HOUSE presents an APAL open mike hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. This week features Australian poet and editor Marge Cronin. Tue, Nov 24, sign-up 6:30pm.

ELECTRIC LOUNGE holds its usual weekly slam. Get there early because they promise lotsa other good schtuff! Tue, Nov 24, 8:30pm, 305 Bowie. $2. 476-FUSE.


BORDERS-ON-THE-WORD is the free poetry reading usually held the fourth Wednesday of each month, but it will be held the fourth Tuesday in November and the second Tuesday in December (actually, I have conflicting dates on the December gig but we'll straighten it out before then) at the usual spot. It is always hosted by award-winning poet Barbara Carr. The next featured reader is Herman Nelson. A round robin open mike follows the featured poets. Tue, Nov 24, 7:30pm Wed, Nov 25, 7:30pm, 10225 Research (near Home Depot). 795-9553 (Borders) or 343-7940 (Carr).

BARNES & NOBLE ARBORETUM sponsors poetry the second Thursday of each month. John Berry hosts. Neva Biggs is the guest poet. A round robin follows. Thu, Dec 10, 7:30-10pm. 837-8693 or 928-0619.

The Poetry Workshop at the B&N shop at the Arboretum is led by Jill Timmons. Bring 10 or more copies of any one page original poem. Thu, Nov 19, 7:30-10pm. 837-8693 or 928-0619.

The Fiction Book Discussion Group Mon, Nov 30, 7:30pm. 918-9656.

The Women's Book Discussion Group Wed, Nov 25, 7pm. 218-8199.

The Spiritual Life Reading Group Tue, Nov 24, 7pm. 338-0185.

Children's story times are Wed, 10:30am and Sat 11am. 418-8985.

BARNES & NOBLE WESTLAKE children's story times are Wed, 11am; Fri, 7pm; and Sat 11am. 328-3155.

BARNES & NOBLE GUADALUPE children's story times are Wed, 11am and Sat, 11am. There are new reading groups at the Guadalupe store. 457-0591.

More poetry! "Again, the heart has different agendas. It has more than one voice. We tend to speak of The Heart just as we speak of The God, but there are many archetypes, many gods, many voices of the mind and the heart. One can't even speak of the child's heart as a single ideal. There is the child's greedy heart, the child's non-discriminating heart, the child's wondering heart. We all want power, but since everybody wants it, we must figure out how we can get as much of what we want with a minimal amount of disappointment to all concerned. The key word is minimal. There will always be disappointment. How can we be faithful to all the loves when the loves have different agendas? No easy task. Ritualize. Dramatize. Play. Acceptance is different from resignation. Resignation is so poignant. It is something that may serve you now. Honor it, but put it, when you can, into a room that doesn't draw you so often into its embrace. There are many mansions in your wondrous heart and you can visit each one. Tell the Resignation Room you won't forget it, but that you want to breathe in the air of different rooms for a while." Vaya con Dios.

Poem of the Week

Let go, let go;

fall apart;

catch fire.

Your friends are there

to put you back together.

The bucket of tears

will melt away the demons.

-- Regina Paris, "The Crow, for Carolyn" (an excerpt)