POLITICS November 1-7, 1996

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* Our Election Board coverage of the Nov. 5th races continues online this week, with links to relevant political information on the Web.

Articles and Features


Election Endorsements by the Editorial Board

Election previews:
Paul-itically Incorrect by Alex de Marban

The battle between Democrat "Lefty" Morris and Libertarian-turned-Republican Ron Paul for U.S. Representative in District 14 has gotten nasty, with an emphasis on Paul's extremist views.

sidebar: Totally Paul-ly

Ron Paul's greatest hits.

The De-Railers by Karl Pallmeyer
The Texas Railroad Commission race is a four-way fight between Libertarian Richard N. Draheim, Jr., the Natural Law Party's Paul W. Pigue, Republican Carol Keeton Rylander, and Democrat Hector Uribe.
Election Updates by Amy Smith, Robert Bryce, Audrey Duff, Mike Clark Madison, and Roseana Auten
Late-breaking, last-minute stuff before you head to the polls.

City News

Naked City edited by Amy Smith

Items off the desk; Bruce Todd turns green for the Circle C lawsuit; Wyatt Roberts is on another crusade; Civil unrest in Indonesia means trouble for Freeport-McMoRan; Environmentalists push for mandatory recycling at businesses and apartment complexes.

Council Watch by Alex DeMarban

The petition for city campaign finance reform hits a snag, with a nasty lawsuit possibly brewing over signature certification.

AISD Notebook by Roseana Auten

School safety becomes a hot topic after a fire at Casis Elementary; the Board of Trustees debates a policy for student uniforms.

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