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Heaven's Gate & Related Bookmarks

Heaven's Gate -- How and When It May Be Entered This is one of several mirror sites for the original site which was taken off the Web because the number of hits it was getting was melting the server. It provides 10 megs of higher truth -- unexpurgated, unredacted, unfiltered, and un-spellchecked, too.

Higher Source This is the site which advertised the Heaven's Gate's web design services. See what makes the Higher Source web design crew "different" from others. Interesting only in context. "We kill ourselves working for you!" reads the caption beneath a beatifically smiling face. This is the mock-Higher Source website. Browse the site as the "Suicide is Painless" theme from M*A*S*H plays over your computer. Sick, but funny. Cult Suicide Special Report The site rocked the media world when they scooped traditional print sources with their coverage of Heaven's Gate. NPR pointed to the site's coverage as an indication that the Web may soon rule the breaking-news arena.

NPR's All Things Considered Segment on Heaven's Gate If you have a RealAudio Player (freeware) and a 14.4 baud or higher connection to the Internet, you can listen to this All Things Considered segment. Click on 28 March and listen with your own ears as Do tells you: "Planet Earth is about to be recycled."

Disinformation -- Propaganda -- Media
Watch -- Suicide Special Report The strength of this site is the collection of links to Heaven's Gate materials and commentaries on the Web. Has a link to a great article on Bo and Peep which appeared in the New York Times Magazine in 1976. Very freaky stuff.

60 Greatest Conspiracies | No. 29 | Hale-Bopp and Doom Soon? With the arrival of Hale-Bopp, "It's official: The pre-game show for the millennium is now in progress." Apocalyptic conspiracy theories abound here.

Chuck Shramek's Hale Bopp Companion UFO Page Chuck Shramek was the amateur Texas astronomer who first photographed what he claims is an anomalous "companion object" which is traveling alongside the comet. Meet the companion, and judge for yourself.

Farsight Institute's Professional Sessions on Hale-Bopp The Farsight Institute studies "remote viewing" ESP of the Nineties. While farsighting the Hale-Bopp Companion UFO, one viewer says: "This is not a dwelling structure." Amusing.

Former Heaven's Gate Member Web Site

* This former member of Heaven's Gate advertised in the alt.alien.visitors newsgroup that she or he was available for interviews with doctoral students. Parts of the site are locked.

WashingtonPost.Com's Timeline This timeline covers the group's activities from 1972 until the suicides in March 1997. Extensive documentary evidence, including a handout dated 1975, which they distributed in Ojai, California.

Heaven's Gate Competitors

Aetherius Society -- UFOs, Yoga, and Channeling by Sir George King The leader of the Aetherians cruises around L.A. in a Cadillac with a flying saucer welded to the roof. Not to be missed. "If everyone in your group is wearing black Nikes, then put on your hiking boots and hit the trail," says one Aetherian.

International Raelian Movement Mother Site The Raelians boast 35,000 members in 85 countries around the world. Their main goal is to build an embassy which is architecturally reminiscent of the Battlestar Galactica TV series. This Battlestar embassy will be built in Jerusalem and will be the landing pad for the many extraterrestrial diplomats and emissaries who will soon arrive on earth. Check it out.

Bud Hopkins' Intruders Foundation UFOs Boho NYC sculptor turned alien abduction investigator set up this site in order to proselytize.

The B:.B:. a/k/a The Blue Brethren The Blue Brethren pages are an example of the kind of mystical doublespeak which you will find in many UFO tracts. Satirical spoof of alien believers and their paranoid prose-stylings... or earnest teachings for this modern age? You decide.

Nuwaubians Murdoq, Enlil, Enki, Ninti, Anat, and a host of other ancient Sumerians are here. Take a look at the mothership NIBIRU. Those wacky Nuwaubians!

Apokalypso -- A Journal of Millennarian Prophecy Apokalypso is a series of electronic monographs dealing with prophecies concerning the coming millennium. An example: "Again, let me hasten to add that I do not see rock music as the tool of Antichrist."

`Abductees' Anonymous Sort of a 12-step program for abductees. Some of the most fascinating and terrifying abduction testimonials on the Web.

UFO Folklore

UFO Folklore! UFO & NASA, UFO & Roswell, UFO & Disney, UFO & Military Just because it's folklore doesn't mean it's not true.

Art Bell Whitley Streiber, contactee, author of many UFO books, and native of San Antonio, appeared on Art Bell's late-night radio talk show talking about the Hale-Bopp companion UFO. He said: "If the [Hale-Bopp companion] object is there, let's all try meditating at the same time because the visitors seem responsive to this." RealAudio files.

Alien Encyclopedia Wondering if that alien you saw was a Grey or maybe a Reptoid? Find out here. All the alien races are catalogued and classified according to their racial and personal characteristics.

Information Sources: Emerging Religions & Millennialism Home Page2 Trancenet is a cult awareness organization. This special issue is devoted to the Heaven's Gate suicides. One graphic reads: "39 Dead, 10 Million Lost." Here you can find information about Dianetics, the Moonies, Transcendental Meditation, and other emerging religions.

CULTS `R US This rundown of the top killer cults across the world starts with Manson, hits on the Siberian Satanist Cult, the Jombola Cult of Sierra Leone, and many others. Of course, America is back on top with the most recent entry -- Heaven's Gate.

The New York Times Forum on Cults & the Internet This online discussion of millenial paranoia, technology, and Heaven's Gate allows you to post your own apocalyptic prophecies, and see if people who read the The New York Times site will believe them.

Other End-Time Expectations -- Millennia Monitor This site catalogs some pretty diverse sites. They all have two things in common, though: they believe there is a big change coming, and it's coming real soon.

General UFO Sites

100s of UFO Images This is a directory of several hundred digitized images of UFOs and crop circles. Treasure trove of "anomalous images." Some really nice ones, too.

NASA Technical Report R-277


alt.alien.visitors FAQ Part 1 of 7 This authorless text, which is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, is something akin to a sacred text among UFO believers. Huge, dense, contradictory, and full of fun.


Dymody Has a Gun

In several articles on the talk.religion.newage newsgroup, which Dymody used to communicate with other members, Dymody refers to some sort of "booger in his vehicle" and asks Ti and Do for forgiveness. In a 9 September 1995 article, Dymody writes about applying for a concealed weapon permit in southern Florida. He wonders whether to apply at all, because "human laws at least in some states make it illegal for one to carry firearms even if they are unloaded and in a secure case deep in one's backpack [...]"

Dymody in Waco and Dallas

In a1996 article in the talk.religion.newage newsgroup Dymody writes: "[I] went to Waco to find the guy with the black leather jacket with the snake on the back- ended up being hospitalized at Parkland and then sent to Hillside I told them that my heavenly fathers were here and that ther are Luiciferian forces - I said I was with the departing sons of god.... They did not believe me- I was put on medication [...]"

Heaven's Gate Proselytizing

* This URL will allow you to read the all the posts that "" made on Usenet newsgroups. See "Time to Die for God?" in the alt.conspiracy newsgroup.

UFOs Over England

Flying Saucer Review Homepage This is an English mag which goes by the name of FSR, so that people on the underground won't know what you're reading.

United Kingdom UFO Network -- Real Audio Files

Crow & Raine's UFO Site -- Dreamland Documentary

Spanish UFO Sites

Jaime Maussan Home Page This site is maintained by Mr. Maussan, a TV news reporter in Mexico City. Links to videos and images of UFOs over Mexico City.

Vigília A Spanish (as in Spain) site dedicated to los OVNIs.

UFO-ES Paginas Ufologicas en Castellano -- S.S.