The Austin Chronicle
Volume 1 Number 1 September 4, 1981

frontmatter / chronicles

3-D Gimmicks Spring at Filmgoers Again by Ed Lowry
Suburban Sleaze by Nick Barbaro
Fashion for the Nineties by Sarah Whistler
Latin Show Surprising by Greg Beal

Record Store Rated by Oui by Louis Black

Fall Garden Can Yield Holiday Feast by Rick Manning




Publisher, Oilman Butt Heads Over Doggett
by Robert Elder, Jr.

Gas Issue Heats Up
by Jim High tower

Bond Rejections Will Raise Utilty Rates
by Diane Jane Morrison

Beautification Plan Passed
by Diane Jane Morrison


on stage, waistlines, in print


Dee McCandless Unfolds Ziggurat in New York
by Harvey Neville

by Petaluma Pete

Love Books:

The Love Hunter
by Sarah Whistler

Movie Lover
by George Coleman


sounds, on vinyl

No-Nuke Gig to Display Undying Gonzo Spirit
by Clay Coppedge
On Vinyl
The Judy's, Debbie Harry, Black Uhuru, and
The Big Boys



Movie Financing New Part of Hollywood Mythmaking
by Louis Black

John Sayles: Making Movies, Finding Success on the Cheap
by Ed Lowry and Nick Barbaro

Richard O'Brien's 'Rocky' Road to Stardom
by Howard Waldrop

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Out of Bounds by Scott Bowles