Critics Picks:

  1. Best Local Television News Exposé: KVUE-24 on Riverbend
  2. Best Editorial Series: Oppel Condemns Freeport
  3. Best Deejay: Gibby Haynes, 101X
  4. Best Article by a Local Writer in a National Magazine: Lawrence Wright in The New Yorker
  5. Best TV News Format Change: KVUE-24
  6. Best Alternative Marketing Campaign: First Texas Honda in The Texas Triangle
  7. Best Evidence That People Who Listen to FM Radio Don't Own Calendars: April Fool's Day
  8. Best Talk Radio Show: KVET-AM's Sportsday
  9. Best Food Story in the Local Daily: Vita Pro
  10. Most Hypnotic Radio Station: LCRA River Radio AM-1530
  11. Best Sunday Morning Wake-Up: KAZI Sunday Gospel
  12. Best Reporter: Michael Barnes
  13. Best Cry for Help: Some Guy Who's Probably Dead Now on ACTV
  14. Best Advantage Taken of a Captive Audience: Local News Coverage of the Freeze
  15. Best New Local Daily: The Daily Chronicle
  16. Best Alternative to ESPN, Part 1 : KFON-AM
  17. Best Alternative to ESPN, Part 2: Sunday Sports Section, KXAN-36 TV
  18. Best Place to Buy Yesterday's News: Teleclip
  19. Best Comeback: Kevin Connor, 107.1 KGSR
  20. Best Newsletter: In Fact
  21. Best Reason to Ignore Your Screaming Hangover: KVET's Country Gold
  22. Best Biz-Newz Scooper: Austin Business Journal
  23. Best Re-Focus on the Family: The Texas Triangle
  24. Best Eager Beaver DJ: Jenn Garrison
  25. Best Local Food Show: The Green Gourmet on ACTV
  26. Best Columnist, Missing in Action: Mike Kelley

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