« July 18, 2014

Dining Beyond the Chains

Good food moves to the 'burbs
By Melanie Haupt
Photo by John Anderson

Galaxy Bakery

107 E. Seventh, Georgetown, 512/868-0996
Mon.-Thu., 9am-6pm; Fri., 9am-9pm; Sat., 10am-8pm

As I write this, I'm enjoying a chocolate chip cannoli ($4) from Galaxy Bakery. A cannoli isn't usually on my dessert radar, but the chatty fella behind the counter recommended it so strongly that I couldn't resist. And, as cannolis go, it's pretty good. Crunchy, cinnamon-y, chocolaty. But what I really came for were the cupcakes, which a George­town-dwelling friend of mine had raved about on Facebook, and what I assumed was this tiny bakery's calling card. (Not so: They are equally proud of their scones, mini pies, and croissants.) So, with the intentions of being the most popular girl in the office, I chose a half-dozen cupcakes to share with my co-workers, greedily keeping the rich and surprisingly authentic tiramisu one for myself. The turtle cupcake oozed caramel, which was enticement enough for it to get snapped up moments after my arrival at the office. The red velvet got lukewarm reviews, and, as of this writing, no one has expressed any interest in the strawberry, lemon, or mimosa cakes. Have cupcakes finally reached a tipping point? Are cannoli the new "it" dessert? If so, you'll know that the vector was this friendly little shop in Georgetown, Texas.