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Final SXSW Live Shots
Review by Chase Hoffberger


Suite 101, March 16

Mystikal was late again. Approaching 1:30 on a 1am set, the only dude onstage with a microphone was some poor rapper from Florida who could only shout out "What!" and "Hey!" In the crowd, folks looked drunk and weary. At one point, the platformed go-go dancer decided to take a load off. "Been at this since Tuesday," she told me. "I'm exhausted." Sister, lemme tell ya. Finally, the headliner took the stage at 1:43am. "I ain't playin' with you, bitches," he said with a menacing bark, turn-of-the-century voice still flipping from Pusha T to DMX mid-word. He brought up his six-year prison stint before "It Ain't My Fault." "Thank you for supporting me through my ups and downs," then, "Sexy ladies, I was gone for six years without no pussy. As soon as I got out, I had to write a song that sound like this." The go-go dancer grabbed her towel and got out of the room. Mystikal rattled off Ludacris' "Move Bitch (Get Out the Way)" and "Danger (Been So Long)" to close out.