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Final SXSW Live Shots
Review by Abby Johnston


Holy Mountain, March 13

After playing NPR's showcase at Stubb's, Katie Crutchfield and her boys dropped into Holy Mountain for a second gig. While the first performance set a precedent for the band's many appearances throughout the week, the jaunt around the corner felt as casual as stopping in for a beer. And as short, too. The 25-minute performance blew through the admittedly curt pool of songs, leaning more on 2012's American Weekend rather than last month's stunner, Cerulean Salt. Despite a flippant, don't-give-a-fuck attitude, Crutchfield's onstage prowess is no joke. Acoustic numbers from the Alabaman's debut got a garage band makeover. The makeup remained sparse on "Be Good" and "Grass Stain," allowing her voice to emote what aural gaps leave up to the imagination. It's doubtful any songs clocked over three minutes, even a volume-up cover of Paul Simon's "Boy in the Bubble." Regardless, Crutchfield keeps it sharp and concise, hammering her point home without breaking a sweat.