« March 15, 2013

Can't Stop The Bleeding

Review by Austin Powell
photo by Sandy Carson

Can't Stop The Bleeding

Beerland, Thursday, March 14

With the right band at the right time, Beerland's the greatest place on Earth, a shotgun bunker for all things punk. At Can't Stop the Bleeding, a loose 12XU showcase expertly curated by resident Matador Records co-founder Gerard Cosloy, that honor fell to Unholy Two. The Columbus, Ohio, quartet rekindled the Scientists' feral blues and the torrid lo-fi appeal of the Gories, only with three guitars and a powerhouse drummer bashing out broken jazz beats. The band operated only in the red, doling out feedback and fury in equal measure with corrosive closer "Cut the Music (I'm a Nightstalker)." TV Ghost cut a similar vein, but pulled from the seedier realms of psych: the threatening pulse of Suicide and the Doors' heathen charisma. The Indiana outfit left plenty of room for singer/guitarist Tim Gick – physically and sonically – as he writhed around the stage in some botched exorcism. Protomartyr's frontman looked like Ron Swanson, with a Lone Star instead of whiskey, but the band delivered raucous, observational post-punk ("You're a Creep"), while Austin's Spray Paint similarly steamrolled through deadpan narratives over a din of guitars and a wicked big beat. Earlier on the outside patio, Buck Biloxi & the Fucks, midway through its curbside garage-rock, summed up the afternoon perfectly. "I don't play for free. I play for free beer."