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Miley Cyrus Smokes Pot!

That was the last straw – count me a fan now
Abby Johnston, 10:07am, Fri. Nov. 15, 2013

“Sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give AF,” tweeted @MileyCyrus on Monday. With that, a not-so-subtle response to the media crush surrounding the pot-smoking 20-year-old, I resolved to like Miley Cyrus.

I’ve been on the fence since the “We Can’t Stop” video in June. The single remains flat and grammatically unsound, but it will inevitably worm its way into the deepest cavities of your brain, with no known cures short of a lobotomy.

The video? There was boob grabbing, product placement, a skull made of fries. It was a parade of art-school-dropout kitsch that cartwheeled down the line of provocative and mindlessly absurd.

“Where were you when Miley twerked at the VMAs?”

I feel like this unfortunate cultural touchstone will be something that we reminisce about 10 years down the line. Me, I was sitting slack-mouthed on the couch and refreshing blogs to see who could get their cultural appropriation think piece up the fastest. Not to say that the take-downs weren’t deserved, but that was slow week in pop culture. Meanwhile, no one blinked an eye at Katy Perry’s grill.

Then came “Wrecking Ball.” Woo boy, they loved that one, because women being naked in music videos is totally a new thing and unique to Miley Cyrus. There she was, swinging slowly back and forth almost completely naked. Honestly, it wasn’t her fault school children started imitating her. I was hooked too – entranced, confused.

So now, after the months of monstrous Miley scandals, there are still people who are scandalized by the thought of Cyrus, 20, smoking pot. In Amsterdam. Granted, it was onstage at the MTV EMA’s, and yes, it was on television. There she was, in ankle-breaking platforms, a white leotard, and a furry shrug, pulling a joint out of her Chanel bag.

I imagine, despite what she presents on Twitter, that Miley gives a damn. The whole provocateur strategy isn’t lost on me, but you can’t help admire how she handles the inevitable backlash. Most people go into ill-advised defense mode, digging a deeper and deeper hole until people get annoyed.

Miley just lets the wave of hate wash over her. Writers pen think pieces, fashion gurus rip her apart. While they’re gnashing their teeth, she’s smoking a joint. Onstage.

So, Miley, cheers to you for successfully trolling the year 2013.

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