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Not Just Another Pretty Face

By way of introduction, please welcome new GP blogger Sarah Marloff
Sarah Marloff, 12:40pm, Tue. Oct. 1, 2013
photo by Eva Huang
Sarah Marloff – not just another new Gay Place blogger

I moved to Austin (mid-August) from San Francisco with a three-year pit stop in DC. I meant to land in New York – until I realized it was a bit too New York for my liking, and Austin fit just right.

Not only am I new to the city, I'm new to Austin's queer scene – but not to Queer Scenes. I've been throwin' parties, editing an awesome DC-queer girl blog, and chasing after the What-I-Want-To-Be-When-I-Grow-Up writer's dream for long enough to say I think I know what I'm talking about. But I can always learn more, and I want to.

I write. I dance. I like climbing trees, jumping in lakes, and making my makeup run. Halloween is my favorite holiday – because who doesn't like to play dress up? And I'm pretty excited to be the new kid(blogger) on the The Gay Place block.

Here goes nothing – I'm diving in, head first.

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