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Best of Austin: The Driskill Hotel

"Best of Austin" 2013 is coming. Let's look back at some previous bests.
Neha Aziz, 10:20am, Wed. Sep. 11, 2013
Upscale, classic, and a BOA all-time winner, The Driskill does have a minor issue: Some of the guests never check out, if you know what we mean. Yep, it's haunted!

Best Bathroom: Driskill Hotel

Standing regal since 1886, this classy (undeniably Texan) hotel provides inspiring atmosphere not only in the bedrooms but also in the only places more private – the bathrooms. In the blend of dark and light marble, arches, pillars, and elegant drapery, you will find a welcome break from the Sixth Street excitement.

The Driskill Hotel, 604 Brazos, 512/474-5911

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