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News Ticker: September 5

All the news that's fit to blog
Brandon Watson, 3:58pm, Thu. Sep. 5, 2013
John Cornyn fades into the background, Ted Cruz goes over the top, and San Antonio joins the club. Progress is on the News Ticker.

• Sen. Wendy Davis' father Jerry Russell, a fixture of the Fort Worth theater community, has passed at 77.

Government Technology magazine and the Center for Digital Government have named the best city website in the nation – this despite its infuriating lack of cute animal gifs.

• Although Sen. John Cornyn might be the Jan Brady of Texas politics, he should really take heart. Sen. Ted Cruz may be more popular with the boys, but all that hair brushing really eats away at one's "me" time.

• To boot, Jan always had way better lines than Marsha.

• And sometimes getting the boys attention isn't all it's cracked up to be.

• Four former Texas Supreme Court justices are endorsing frosted animal cracker Dan Branch for attorney general.

Harris Interactive, a research firm apparently staffed by drug-addled lickspittles, has named Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston the top two happiest metropolitan areas in the nation.

• Despite the righteous indignation of Republican candidates and the colorfully anatomical testimony of some citizens, San Antonio's non-discrimination ordinance passed today, 8-3.

• In other San Antonio news, a snake was found in one of the city's Starbucks. CM Elisa Chan must have needed a break from all the exhausting NDO debate.

• We certainly don't begrudge Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott the ability to toot his party's horn, however graphic that may be.

• But we 're not sure we get his point when he says the Texas Young Republicans are growing in diversity. Was someone in their group pic a redhead?

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