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Kickstart Your Weekend: 'Blade Roller'

Aliens, saxophones, and rollerblades unite
Monica Riese, 2:00pm, Fri. Aug. 23, 2013

We can virtually guarantee you haven't seen a feature like the one Max Juren is cooking up.

The local filmmaker's latest project started as a short film but has grown into a feature, and with that longer form comes a need for a bigger budget.

In Blade Roller, Zeke, "an average rollerblading kid with a preternatural talent for the saxophone" and a glowing wardrobe reminiscent of Tron, bonds with a peaceful extraterrestrial over their shared love of the woodwind. But can he figure out the connection before the overbearing government silences them both?

Toss this Indiegogo campaign a buck and wait to find out. (No, really, a buck will do: A flexible funding campaign, it'll get every penny raised regardless of how close or far it is from the $15,000 goal. Just get the poor thing off of $1,999.)

Kickstart Your Weekend is a series intended to showcase Texas film and tech projects that are crowdfunding their way to a goal, be it distribution, a prototype, or production costs. If you have a project that we should know about, email us at

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