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Kick Butt Coffee is Having a Moving Experience

Like, right down the street. On Airport, that is.
Wayne Alan Brenner, 12:15pm, Wed. Aug. 21, 2013
New digs to get your kicks in.
Because the building's owners are, like, kicking their butt out, and preparing to install some national chain of a java-joint where the fierce indie used to be.

We just heard from the Kick Butt people on the email machine. Ever forthcoming and not a little witty, they sent along a brief self-interview by way of explanation:

"We are moving. Where to? A half mile down Airport Blvd. Where is that exactly? Just down the street. On Airport Blvd.? Yes. By I-35? No. Catty-corner from Lammes Candies. Where is that? At the intersection of 53 1/2 and Airport Blvd. In the ugly blue building? Wasn't that a gas station? They tore that down. Now that's going to be a new five-story Travis County office. Oh, so where exactly are you moving to? We are going to be where the Cricket used to be. Cricket? What's that?"

[Here's a map: The New Kick Butt Location.]

As you may recall from our earlier article interviewing Kick Butt's head honcho Tom Gohring (and the Bennu and former Flipnotics top brass, too), the coffee shop's been fighting to stay in business, fighting like a coffee-dispensing samurai – and winning.

That's our happy takeaway from this latest news: If they're moving, they're probably going to continue. And, tell you what, with their bastion of hot and cold caffeine and tasty noms, all closer to the Chronicle offices – and right up cozy with Lammes Candies and House Pizzeria and Quality Seafood – we're calling this match in favor of Kick Butt.

See you there for a double mocha cappuccino until the Akatsuki come a-knocking!

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