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Media pundits come clean on closet likes and dislikes
Abby Johnston, 2:30pm, Thu. Aug. 8, 2013
Destiny’s Queen: Beyoncé? Please. Kelly Rowland (center)

Last night and early this morning, Twitter trended #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion, a hashtag designed for what many users do on a daily basis: air opinions and factoids on their favorite musical acts that they generally keep out of polite – and given the Internet, impolite – conversation.

This gave a brief pass for closet fans and conspiracy theorists alike to weigh in on musicians. Though we had local dissenters, esteemed media personalities dropped their guard and tweeted their darkest music confessions:

Boston Globe political reporter dethrones Queen Bey:

You could safely defer to Evan Smith on a wealth of topics, but this “unpopular opinion” from the Texas Tribune Editor-in-Chief and CEO gave us pause:

Although here’s some more DMB love from a Billboard contributing editor:

All the Jay Z and Beyoncé fodder was just a cover. This senior legal analyst has it figured out:

The face of The Guardian’s finance and economics will remain unmelted:

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