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Frontier Bar Becomes the Lost Well

Former Lovejoys barkeep opens up a new dive
Chase Hoffberger, 4:37pm, Thu. Aug. 1, 2013
photo by John Anderson
Honky at Lovejoys, 8.2.12

Lovejoys’ closing last August left a gaping, keg-sized hole for bikers and punk rockers west of I-35, but now the brew pub’s devotees have reason to celebrate. Yesterday, beloved bartender Marcello Murphy announced he’s opening the Lost Well.

Located at 2421 Webberville Road, Murphy’s new digs will usurp space previously occupied by the Frontier Bar, a great dingy outpost just north of Seventh Street that’s maintained a steady music calendar since opening in July 2011.

Murphy told the Chronicle that his new bar will combine the personalities of both bars. Nobody previously employed by the Frontier Bar will lose their job, and he’s bringing in two Lovejoys staples, Andy Porter and Tasha Halverson, to help manage operations behind the bar.

“It’s going to be a friendly neighborhood bar,” Murphy says. “We’re not going to be a brew pub right off the bat, but we’ve talked about it for the future. I’m assuming that’s partially what made Lovejoys Lovejoys. We’re not trying to recreate Lovejoys in any way, but it will certainly have the same vibe.”

Murphy says he’ll book bands Thursday, Friday, and Saturday “in the same style as the stuff we had at Lovejoys: relatively eclectic but based around rock & roll, punk rock, and metal.”

The Lost Well opens August 15 after a few days of renovations and remodeling, “with a grand opening soon to follow.” Bands interested in playing the venue should holler at

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