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Pregaming 'Drunk History'

This July Fourth, celebrate the coming of a new American classic
Monica Riese, 10:15am, Thu. Jul. 4, 2013

Is there any more American combination than booze, television, and Washington, D.C.? We think not.

And since we're a few rounds into our Drink Drank Drunk issue, we figure it's high time (wait, no, that's a different special issue) to share with you a preview of the newest Comedy Central show, Drunk History.

Though it started life as a hit Web series on YouTube, Drunk History is launching its first season as a full-fledged TV show this coming Tuesday, July 9, at 9pm CT. (Entrepreneurial success? Also totally American.) In its premiere episode, we get a three-pronged look at Washington, D.C.: Watergate, John Wilkes Booth, and Elvis' surprising credentials, courtesy of former President Richard Nixon.

Each story – a totally manageable eight to 10 minutes – is narrated by a delightfully sloshed host and reenacted by an all-star cast of sloppy first-rate actors, including Jack Black, Bob Odenkirk, Jack McBrayer, and Adam Scott. They might slur through a few notable quotes, become easily distracted on rambling tangents, or (on one occasion) need to take a break to run to the kitchen sink and puke, but one thing's clear: They have a more engaging approach to history than your high school AP U.S. history teacher could ever dream of having.

So in case you're planning on still being hungover come Tuesday, go ahead and set your DVR now. Because America.

Comedy Central

Drunk History premieres Tuesday, July 9, 9pm CT, on Comedy Central. Check out the Web series that started it all on YouTube.

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