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Dell Diamond Hosts 'The Sandlot'

Round Rock Express celebrate film's 20th anniversary
Monica Riese, 3:56pm, Mon. Jun. 24, 2013

"Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand." The rest of you? Gas up; we're going to Round Rock.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 25), the Round Rock Express host a special screening of The Sandlot in honor of the baseball-centric coming-of-age film's 20th anniversary. Director and narrator David Mickey Evans will introduce the film and do a Q&A before it screens on the big video board at Dell Diamond.

If you ever were a misfit kid, played a game of baseball, or eaten a s'more, you owe a little something to this film. (No, you say? "You're killing me, Smalls!")

The Sandlot screens Tuesday, June 25, at 7:05pm at the Dell Diamond (3400 Palm Valley Blvd., Round Rock). Tickets are $8 (free, kids 2 and under; $25, pack of four). Visit the Round Rock Express website for tickets and complete details.

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