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News Ticker: May 13

All the news that's fit to blog
Brandon Watson, 3:45pm, Mon. May. 13, 2013
Rosemary Lehmberg deals with hostile witnesses, the APD deals with the remains of the day, and Austinites deal with high gas prices. Inflation is on the News Ticker.

• Today, there are two opportunities to show road rage against embattled D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg, as lunchtime and rush hour demonstrations invite drivers to "honk if Rosemary should resign." While the to-do doesn't seem to be actually accomplishing anything, it does present tantalizing new prospects for streamlining the democratic process.

• Today Austin officials are conducting a detailed search of the site where unidentified human remains were found last week.

• What's most disappointing about the extremely low turnout in the Lytle ISD trustee race is the fact that at least one of the candidates failed to vote for herself.

• According to a new report from the Texas Food Bank Network, SNAP benefits are being greatly underutilized in the state.

• Perhaps worried that we would somehow lose our trendsetter status, Austin has decided to up its gas prices ahead of the nation.

• Although it is good economic news that NBC's Revolution is relocating production to Austin, maybe we should be insulted. The show does take place after the apocalypse.

• Glancing at the news this morning, we were excited that the Texas Lege was honoring careless whisperer George Michael. The truth is far less exciting. Frack!

• Maybe it's just us, but Fox 7 reporter Ann Wyatt Little seems a bit frightened while interviewing two Texan Gun Rights reps outside the Capitol before today's Second Amendment rally. Not that we can blame her – TGR Director Michelle Prescott is obviously packing something in that hair.

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