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Summer Fun: 50 Ways & Then Some

We're gearing up for summer fun, how about you?
Kate X Messer, 3:30pm, Mon. May. 13, 2013
My favorite postcard that evokes that summer feeling...
In anticipation of our upcoming annual Summer Fun issue (on stands this Thursday!), we're posting essays, memories, pics, and special online features to get you wrapped up in that summer feeling.

Ahhhh, "That Summer Feeling…"!

For some of us, summer is a song. For some, it's a family vacation. For some, a first kiss. For some, it's the season that affords our only respite from the workaday world.

This year, we took one song (not "That Summer Feeling," sorry), and invited a bunch of young writers (and a few grizzled vets) to apply one Summer Fun suggestion to it. Then, we invited these writers to wax on a bit more about these summer suggestions and post them here to the blog. All this week and next, we'll put up these extra online posts that wax on and off about the various recommendations that you'll see in print this coming Thursday.

First up, today, is Andy Campbell on Schlitterbahn… bahn… bahn (Warning: many of us will be writing odes to Schlitterbahn. We freaking love Schlitterbahn, no lie. But, fret not, there's a lot more, too.)

We're not going to reveal what song carried our Summer Fun 2013 issue just yet (it's an old and silly one), but we promise pages of cool suggestions to get your summer rolling.

50 to be exact.

Read more Summer Fun stories at The Austin Chronicle’s Summer Fun issue is on stands Thursday, May 16.

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