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Lemonade Day Austin is Sunday May 5

Pint-size entrepreneurs at your service
Virginia B. Wood, 12:15pm, Sat. May. 4, 2013

On Sunday, May 5, Austin kids will experience the excitement and challenges of entrepreneurship firsthand by designing, stocking, setting up, and operating their own lemonade stands as part of the fourth annual Lemonade Day Austin. Interactive learning has never been so much fun, or so refreshing!

Lemonade Day Austin is a citywide event sponsored by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas and over 20,000 kids are expected to join in the fun. This Sunday, kids will be manning lemonade stands all over the city. Every kid who registered to operate a stand got a backpack with an Entrepreneurship Workbook that explains the 14 lessons of entrepreneurship; things like leadership, team building, problem solving, marketing strategies, and social skills, not to mention everyday things like math and reading. And in keeping with the fact that they represent a generation of kids who have never been without social media, each potential stand operator has the opportunity to create their own promotional website linked to the main Lemonade Day site.

With regards to the money their stands will generate, it is suggested that each budding young business person spend some, share some, and save some, just like any savvy entrepreneur. After Lemonade Day, participants are also encouraged to assess their experience by submitting a business results form, as well as pictures of their stand and personal stories about their experience this year.

Austin Fire Department Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr with a young competitor
courtesy Lemonade Day Austin

In preparation for the big day, a group of prospective young lemonade vendors and their families gathered at the Austin Children's Museum a few Sundays ago for the Best Tasting Lemonade in Austin contest. Some of the contestants were veterans of past years and the youngest competitor was a five-year-old entering for the very first time. The kids set up their stands on the ground floor of the museum and served up samples and sales pitches to guests and a panel of judges that included Austin fire chief Rhoda Mae Kerr, Austin American-Statesman food writer Addie Broyles, Bettie Cross from KEYE-TV, Sustainable Food Center Director Rhonda Rutledge, and myself. Some of the kids we met had already identified a charity recipient for their lemonade money while others had personal purchases in mind. We awarded prizes for the Best Tasting lemonade, the Best Sales Team, the Most Creative Recipe, and the Most Innovative Stand and the competition was fierce! Winners in each category won prizes and all the entrants went home with a goodie bag.

courtesy Lemonade Day Austin

Or course, the only way this really works is if Austinites get out and buy lemonade on Sunday, so get out there and support entrepreneurship everywhere you see a stand. For more information about Lemonade Day Austin and a list of stand locations around town, go here or here

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