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Hairy Plotter and the Beer of the Apocalypse

Owen Egerton celebrates new book with new brew, live music ensues.
Wayne Alan Brenner, 1:51pm, Thu. Apr. 11, 2013
No, varmint, NO! That beer is OURS!
Pictured: Nutria, calmer than the rampaging ones in Egerton's new novel.
Local writer dude's been hella busy, yeah.

You might recall that Owen Egerton's first novel from Soft Skull Press, The Book Of Harold: The Illegitimate Son Of God, was recently optioned by Warner Brothers Television – although who knows what'll ever come of that, hey?

Earthly heaven, meet Hollywood hell.

But, no, this post is about Egerton's second Soft Skull book – Everyone Says That At the End of the World – and about the celebration of its publication at the Whip In tonight.

(No, no, the book's already been published. The celebration is at the Whip In tonight.)

Listen: Dipak Topiwala, the owner of that extraordinary venue right off I-35's access road near Oltorf, also runs Namaste Brewing Company. And Topiwala's created a new beer in honor of Egerton's new book. He's calling this brew, ah, Everyone DRINKS That At The End Of The World, and it'll be available at this evening's shindig – which also features a reading by the gingery author (and Master Pancake regular) and live music from Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones.

Tell you what. As a nod to Egerton's wild-ass novel of love and global catastrophe, and in the interests of Keeping Austin Weird, I will personally buy a copy of the book and a case of the commemorative beer for anyone who shows up with a live Nutria.


And, in any case, see you there!

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