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The AggreGAYtor: April 9

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Brandon Watson, 3:30pm, Tue. Apr. 9, 2013
Margaret Thatcher...enjoying being mean
Tim Johnson uses his powers for good, Paul Bruon makes a dubious argument, and Orrin Hatch confuses separate with equal. Truth is not determined by today's Aggregaytor.

• Now that South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson has endorsed marriage equality, there are only three Senate dems left opposed. They would allow probably be really annoyed if you showed up at their office with an air horn.

• Or to realllllllly get under their skin, you could make them listen to Orrin Hatch's blubbery defense of why civil unions are just the same thing as marriages… yep, just like chocolate and carob.

• Just ask multi-national gay couples, who will totally be treated the same as straight couples in the immigration reform bill. If by straight couples, you mean farm animals.

• Georgian Rep. Paul Broun will not lend his support to "sex changes" because he "like(s) being a boy" - what with all the slingshots and frogs in the pocket and he-man woman hater clubs.

• Too bad Roger Ebert isn't alive to see the Westboro Baptist Church picket his funeral. I'm sure the pan would be legendary.

• Maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, but I little tired of bouncing breasts subbing for activism.

Edward Peters, the Pope's own ambulance chaser, recommends that supporters of marriage equality refrain from taking communion.

• When it came to LGBT rights, Margaret Thatcher was kind of a dick.

• The Indigo Girls ask the Michigan Womyn's Festival how long til their soul gets it right.

• After graduation, Tracy Flick apparently went to the University of Houston.

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