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It's Grumpy Cat's Birthday Today? Answer: YES.

The world's favorite varmint is one year old – and grumpy as ever
Wayne Alan Brenner, 3:05pm, Thu. Apr. 4, 2013
Grumpy Birthday to me
Grumpy Birthday to me
I got a present, it was awful,
Grumpy Birthday to me
Okay, yes, we know she's not really grumpy.

We know that Tardar Sauce (AKA Grumpy Cat) is really about as sweet as a varmint can be. We know that, because we were fortunate enough to make her acquaintance and interview her owners … right before the madness of SXSW descended and the entire population of the world seemed to lose its collective shit as the possibility of getting to MEET! GRUMPY! CAT! looked like it might be a thing.

For many at SXSW who stood in a line that stretched around a city block, that was a thing – a possibility that resolved into a fact – and now all those who scored a bit of facetime with the curmudgeon-faced feline are, ah, assured a prime place in the Kingdom of Heaven or somesuch, right?

Well, regardless of any of that, Tardar Sauce has a birthday today. And we at the Austin Chronicle – part of the team that founded SXSW, lest y'all forget – wish her the happiest, or at least the least grumpiest, day of her famous life thus far.

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