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Texas Rollergirls: You Know How to Whistle, Don't You?

Flat track Roller Derby league needs a whistle blower for Saturday
Richard Whittaker, 5:00pm, Thu. Mar. 28, 2013
Photo courtesy of Bill Smotrilla
Texas Rollergirls say, you could unleash this.

Attention, flat track Roller Derby fans: The Texas Rollergirls are looking for someone to blow the opening whistle on Saturday night's double header. You know how to whistle, don't you?

All you have to do is go to their Facebook page. See the picture of former Texas Rollergirls' whistle blower, former United States wheelchair rugby team captain, and Murderball star Mark Zupan? Just 'like' it, name your favorite Texas Rollergirls' team (and explain why) and then you'll be entered into the competition. The winner will receive two VIP tickets to Saturday's bout, a customized T-shirt and their own commemorative whistle.

The competition closes at noon on Friday: For more info about Saturday's bout, visit our Sports section.

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