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Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Breweries

Local beer roadtrip features Ramin Nazer as your tour guide
Wayne Alan Brenner, 4:45pm, Wed. Mar. 27, 2013
The brew that is true.
Tap Brew Tours isn't content to merely ferry people from place to place in their tasty and informative showcase of three local breweries this Saturday.

No, they're also providing none other than 2012's Funniest Person In Austin Ramin Nazer as a tour guide for this latest outing through the Austin outposts of John Barleycorn.

But that's not all, either, because these Tap Brew people seem to be trying to, what, overwhelm your senses with all that's good and tasty?

We mean to say: After you've gone to Live Oak Brewing Company and sampled the suds there, and then to Thirsty Planet Brewery and done the same, and then on to Hops & Grain Brewery … after you've done all that, with Nazer, between stops, wielding his comedy might to bring a tear or two of laughter to your increasingly inebriated eyes … after that, there's a goddam Crawfish Boil Afterparty with, like, 200 pounds of mudbugs for the eating.

This is some serious hedonism we're talking here, friends and neighbors, tell you what.

Next week your journo Brenner will report on what the whole thing was like, sure, so you can get a second-hand perspective on the tour.

But if you don't want your knowledge of this comedy-spiked feast-on-wheels to be merely vicarious, point your clicker right here.

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