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Newark Mayor (and Stealth Superhero?) Cory Booker Booked for SXSW

Social-media savvy mayor to speak at Interactive
Kimberley Jones, 11:00am, Thu. Feb. 21, 2013

After running into a firestorm to save a neighbor, everything else is kind of a comedown. But still: Cory Booker’s coming to SXSW!

The intrepid mayor of Newark will speak at SXSW Interactive about how he’s harnessed social media to speak directly to his constituents. Of course, his most storied act – the one that set superhero meme-makers aflame – was more, erm, P2P IRL than any Twitter blast sent out from the politician who tops the shortlist of prospective 2016 presidential candidates. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t just as charmed by his admission to wearing Batman underoos before graduating to mayoral garb.

Mayor Booker will speak with Time’s Steven James Snyder on Sunday, March 10. See for festival updates, including a nifty schedule, powered by our friends at, with the latest findings on official, unofficial, above-board, and way down-low derrings-do at SXSW 2013.

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