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Headlines: Bonus Round

Super Bowl Sunday, Central Health, and more
Monica Riese, 3:23pm, Fri. Feb. 1, 2013
Photo by John Anderson
Mayor Leffingwell delivers his State of the City address on Tuesday.
There's always something happening in Austin. We try to keep you up to date in our weekly roundup of Headlines, but here's a couple noteworthy items that we didn't want you to miss.

• On Thursday, Judge Lee Yeakel dismissed the lawsuit challenging the validity of Central Health Proposition 1, a ballot measure passed last November that helps fund a medical school, teaching hospital, and much-needed clinics in Travis County through a property-tax bump. Opponents argued that property taxes are already too high, that funds should be directed at indigent care, and that partner Seton HealthCare is a Catholic institution. The Austin American-Statesman reports that the plaintiffs intend to refile in state court, which may or may not be legal.

• Just like on Labor Day, New Year's Eve, and the Fourth of July, the Austin Police Department will be enforcing a "no-refusal" initiative on Super Bowl Sunday to discourage drunken driving. Between the hours of 7:30pm Sunday, Feb. 3, and 5am Monday, Feb. 4, police can require blood draws from drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated who refuse to provide a blood or breath sample of their own accord. Designate a driver, call a cab, or hope your Super Bowl Squares picks pay out so you can pay your ticket.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell delivers his annual State of the City address on Tuesday at 11:30am from the Four Seasons hotel Downtown. No clue yet what he'll discuss – keep your eyes on Newsdesk for updates day-of – but at least bumbling Gov. Rick Perry is an easy enough act to follow.

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