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Google Streetview fashion critique from West 47th Street
LuvDoc, 10:02am, Fri. Jul. 27, 2012
Navy blue blazers go with just about anything as long as it's boring.
Here’s proof that a navy blue blazer goes with pretty much anything. In this case, it says that this fellow is OK with wearing jeans and being casual, but he doesn’t want people to think he’s some sort of homeless person or a Canadian.

He could have furthered that cause by not wearing his father’s shoes, which make him look like a toddler playing dress-up. Oh well, go ahead and shuffle along to your next appointment little fella. We will give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume that you snuck out of the hotel room in your socks so you didn’t have to pay the prostitute.

Luvdoc Fashion Index: 7.0 (not wearing dad’s shoes would have netted him a 7 and this outfit would still bore us to tears)

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