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Google Streetview fashion critique from East 8th Street
LuvDoc, 10:59am, Mon. Jul. 23, 2012
G'day mate.
Uh oh … looks like we’ve got a “troublemaker” here … and by “troublemaker” I am making a patronizingly overt reference to Robert Rodriguez so that Robert Rodriguez fans will get it. I’d know that hat anywhere.

Wait a minute…this isn’t Robert Rodriguez. Yes, this guy is wearing a leather jacket (that matches splendidly with that hat, by the way) but instead of wearing snakeskin boots, he’s wearing Hushpuppies … or maybe they’re tan bowling shoes. This is clearly not Robert Rodriguez. Maybe it’s Paul Hogan. It’s hard to tell if he’s 5’9” from this angle – or for that matter whether he’s wearing a leather vest with no shirt and a crocodile tooth necklace, but this could totally be him…if he wore tan bowling shoes with a leather jacket and Wal-Mart jeans. It’s just a pity. This guy isn’t Ro-Ro or Crocodile Dundee, but he’s soooo close. He certainly has the hat and jacket down. If he makes some downstairs renovation his casting couch will be full. For now however, he is a just a tragic monument to what might have been. No, that wasn’t another jab at Rodriguez. LuvDoc Fashion Index: 5.0 (carpet and drapes don’t match)

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