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Vigil Games Lays Off 80

But opportunity is right around the corner
James Renovitch, 5:11pm, Fri. Mar. 30, 2012
Warhammer 40,000: Slimming down.
Video-game publishing giant THQ's financial troubles have hit Austin with 80 or so employees laid off from local affiliate, Vigil Games. This comes with the announcement that Vigil's upcoming release, Warhammer 40,000, will no longer be an online game but a single player experience. That makes for a lot less work, but also, apparently, fewer workers.

We hate to see any jobs lost here in our town, but luckily there is a Juegos Rancheros meeting this weekend. Independent developers (some by choice, others by force) get together over a few drinks and some forward-thinking indie games. Perfect chance to meet other cool folks and get that passion project off the ground. The party starts this Sunday at 4pm at the HighBall. Developers, art lovers, and fans of cool stuff are all invited; no gaming experience necessary. Check out the Juegos website for more details.

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