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Austin Mini Maker Faire Returns

Get your soldering iron and glue gun ready
James Renovitch, 4:01pm, Fri. May. 2, 2014
This one's for the folks who see everything around them as raw materials for something awe-inspiring. Those paper scraps are cranes if you have some time. Those marshmallows are missiles if you have the right launcher. It's the Mini Maker Faire, and it's coming to town tomorrow.
Playful LEGO robotics from Elgin Wild Bricks

Whether your favorite website is Etsy or Wired, whether you never leave the house without your hot-glue gun or soldering iron, the Faire has something for you. There will be workshops, speakers, and performers all showing off their creations and/or sharing their skills.

Here are just a few highlights:

The main stage has a trio of science excitement with Tim Deagan offering a primer in the uses of propane at 1pm. Surely he's thinking beyond the usual Hank Hill cook out functionality. After that, at 2pm, is a Mad Science presentation which is really this tests bread and butter. Lastly, Steve Wolf, stuntman extraordinaire, presents science in the movies at 4pm.

Nixie Tube Sudoku, for those who enjoy the warm glow of Nixie tubes.

The music stage features multimedia performances like the "illustrated earmovie musical, Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase. TxChip brings a battalion of knob twisters with vintage game electronics to get the dance floor moving. Other musical artists use homemade instruments and other seemingly nonmusical tools to – wouldn't you know it – make music.

Perhaps the real focus are the bevy of booths with everything from LEGO creations to hovercrafts. Meet Professor Dumpster who makes 33 square feet feel homey. Wearable and upcycled art will be in great supply as will various 3-D printers making anything you can imagine. Check out the rest of the makers on the fest's website.

Austin Mini Maker Faire
Sat., May 3, 10am-6pm
Travis Country Expo Center, 7311 Decker Ln.
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