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AFS Hails 'Black Caesar'

Odd City creates new print for Fred Williamson chat
Richard Whittaker, 3:42pm, Tue. Mar. 4
In tribute to Fred Williamson: Black Caesar print of the Fred Williamson blaxploitation classic, courtesy of Odd City

All hail Black Caesar! Wednesday night, local print collective Odd City and the Austin Film Society will be celebrating the work of Fred "The Hammer" Williamson with a special print of one of his greatest roles.

The 18"x32" print will be a limited release of 75, signed by artist Bill Perkins and the mighty Williamson himself, will be on sale for $75 at tomorrow night's special Austin Film Society moviemaker conversation with the star of the original The Inglorious Bastards, Bucktown and dozens more blaxploitation and urban indie classic.

The design catches the moment in the film where Tommy Gibbs (Williamson) busts into the Cardoza mansion and walks in front of their family coat of arms. Perkins explained, "I love the symbolism here … Tommy is essentially replacing the coat-of-arms with his own personal symbol – his weapon of choice, clenched in his hand. Not something so archaic as a sword, as was representative of the previous dynasty, but a weapon more indicative of the new boss in town: Tommy Gibbs. Black Caesar."

Tickets for the Williamson conversation are available now. A small number of prints will be available for sale on March 6 via

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