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Austin Fabric Shop Hop

We are spirits; this is material; let's get down to it.
Wayne Alan Brenner, 10:00am, Fri. Feb. 21, 2014
Here's a three-day multistore smorgasbord of all things sewable, featuring eight shops stocked full of fabrics and tools to spark your wildest creative fantasies – or just enable you to properly tackle that tricky evening-gown project you've been planning for a few years now.

[Note: We first heard about this citywide treasure trove of material and more from Leslie Bonnell of Stitch Lab – we always at least pass that stylish place on our way to Elizabeth Street Cafe on South First – and so we knew from the get-go it was something worth shouting about to any passionate needle-and-threaders in the area.]

The three days of the Austin Fabric Shop Hop are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, February 21-23; the locations are throughout Austin.

Which shops are participating, you're wondering?

These shops, in particular: Bunny’s Designs, The Cloth Pocket, The Common Thread, The Fabric Shop, Form & Fabric, SPRUCE, Stitch Lab, and Walker Hall Design.

And this … this festival, if you will, features sale prices like you seldom see in these here parts! And more than a sweet grand's worth of prizes, fabulous prizes! Plus special access to where no shoppers have gone before!

Right. And what sort of things will be available along this eclectic eight-fold path?

Listen: Natural-fiber apparel fabric, organic fabrics, premium quilting cottons, kawaii Japanese import fabrics, interior fabrics, buttons, trim, ribbon, wool felt, books, patterns, and embroidery supplies. And, as they say, much, much more.

And – oh, hell, let's just provide a link to the Austin Fabric Shop Hop website, and you can see for yourself just what sort of clothmongery goodness is up this weekend.

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