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Get Up Into the Arts Midwest Conference

Get Up – as in, Shannon McCormick & Shana Merlin
Wayne Alan Brenner, 10:58am, Tue. Sep. 10, 2013
Who's a leaf on the wind?
That amazing duo of improvisers. Merlin lately flexing her prodigious improv-teaching powers at Zach Theatre. McCormick voicing Agent Washington for Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue and generally fomenting creation throughout the city. Now, together again, onstage at The New Movement.

Their show is part of the annual Arts Midwest Conference spilling across Austin through Thursday.

McCormick & Merlin – as Get Up – perform tonight, Tuesday, at 10pm in that underground epicenter of comedy Downtown. (Bonus: This show is FREE.) Next they'll take their off-the-cuff, delightfully weird-ass narrative show on the road. Big improv tour, which you'll likely not see because it'll be rollicking within different states throughout the Midwest and you'll still be here, scooping up the queso and dealing with the grackles and wondering WTF is the Alamo doing still serving salad on trays.

So we don't want you should miss out on this show.
Because Get Up.
Because get on up
and see these two improv savants get on down tonight.

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