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Activist Suffers Stroke During Filibuster

Anne McAfee recovering at Brackenridge
Amy Smith, 12:08pm, Fri. Jun. 28, 2013
Anne McAfee, second from right, with her family.

Longtime Democratic firebrand Anne McAfee took ill Tuesday night while at the state Capitol to support Sen. Wendy Davis during her Senate Bill 5 filibuster.

She apparently became ill around 9pm and was assisted by others until paramedics arrived and transported her to Brackenridge, where she underwent surgery. McAfee remains in ICU but a family member reports she was cheered by the news that SB5 had been defeated, and that the Supreme Court had overturned the Defense of Marriage Act.

Gov. Rick Perry has called another special session, set to begin July 1, and has vowed the Legislature will pass the restrictive abortion legislation that drew widespread opposition and attracted throngs of opponents to a packed Capitol on Tuesday.

McAfee, 82, is the niece of Texas' legendary folklorist John Henry Faulk.

We'll continue to update this story.

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