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Texas Stars Reveal New Jerseys

Proving hockey players aren't the best models
James Renovitch, 4:29pm, Thu. May. 23, 2013

The Texas Stars may be out of the running for the Calder Cup, falling to Oklahoma City in the playoffs, but management is looking to put their fiercest foot forward as they look to next season by revealing the squad's new uniforms.

No smiles from Stars forwards Toby Petersen and Francis Wathier as they model the new jerseys, but do you really want your hockey players to look friendly or radiate more of a "If you touch this jersey you're going to eat ice" vibe? We'll take the latter.

Allow us to imagine what each player is thinking in this photo:
Pedereson (at left): "Excuse me. I'm trying to plan a binge watching party of Arrested Development with my friend Francis."
Wathier: "Are you looking at this cut on the bridge of my nose? I got it cross-checking a bison. What of it?"

courtesy of Mike Connell/Texas Stars
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