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News Ticker: May 2

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Brandon Watson, 4:00pm, Thu. May. 2, 2013
Rep. Jeff Leach and his teeth
Jeff Leach grabs and goes, Glenn Hegar wonders about roses with other names, and the NRA has auspicious timing. Coincidence is on the News Ticker.

• Sen. Glenn Hegar's attempt to rename the Texas Railroad Commission after this favorite Walking Dead character was quickly squelched.

• With the constant GOP hullabaloo about poaching other state's businesses, Texas might want to tone it down a notch. We all know what happened to Biff Tannen at the end of Back to the Future.

• It should be noted that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Houston a day after a fatal shooting at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport.

• Speaking of violence, a new poll says that 44% of Republicans believe an "armed revolution" may be just the thing to protect gun rights. Finally we know why Rep. Steve Stockman has been arming all those babies.

• Texas has a new official state sea turtle! Congratulations to Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell.

• Those looking to commemorate today's National Day of Prayer can change their money into a $12.99 iPhone case, an $8.99 water botttle, or a $200 banner. The latter is easily retractable in case Jesus decides to cleanse the temple.

• Austinites looking to break into reality TV will have their chance with Genealogy Roadshow. Just don't throw any drinks on people. That's generally frowned upon at PBS.

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