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Time for Another Multi-Brewery Beer Tour, Austin

This latest one's gonna start all hoppy and end with tamales
Wayne Alan Brenner, 1:30pm, Tue. Apr. 23, 2013
Off to see the beer wizards
Last time it was mudbugs.

That is, I went on my first tour of Austin breweries via Tap Beer Tours a couple of weeks ago. Which means that I and about 50 other people rode in a bus to three different local companies devoted to the propagation of Mr. John Barleycorn, with last year's Funniest Person In Austin, Ramin Nazer, providing stand-up comedy sets en route. And after the final brewery had been visited, with the day of much beery information and laughter and swigging drawing to a close, there was more beer and a Crawfish Boil with more'n two hundred pounds of mudbugs for us at Festival Beach Park. Yeah: A pretty sweet deal all around.

And this time, it's tamales.

The upcoming (Saturday, May 11) beer tour will visit Austin Beerworks – where there'll also be cheese samples from Antonelli's – and Thirsty Planet (which is one hell of a fancy brewery) and end up at the venerable Tamale House East for a buffet feast enhanced with live music from Nikki Jensen.

And of course there's another stand-up professional bringing the funny ha-ha on the bus between stops on this tour. And that comedian, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Charlie Hodge.

[I know, right? Going on a sort of pilgrimage … with a Hodge?
Comedy gold.]

Soon it'll be too goddamned hot for this sort of thing, won't it?
But right now, ah, the weather's about perfect … and the beer is waiting just for you.

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