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Drums Downtown? Margaritas? A Convergence of Voices? D-d-d-dancing?

Austin's Fusebox Festival opens with a hella fine & free party tonight!
Wayne Alan Brenner, 12:10pm, Wed. Apr. 17, 2013
This year's Fusebox Festival
is gonna be one hell of a wild ride …
Come for the margaritas, stay for the art.

Or come for the art, stay for the margaritas.

Just know this: The motley juggernaut of performative and musical and visual and culinary celebration that is Fusebox Festival begins at 6pm at 912 Congress tonight.

There's an opening party with Fusebox margaritas that you've not previously encountered the taste of in all your drinking days and nights.

There's a performance at the Paramount's Stateside venue, by the hundred-instrumented line upon line percussion ensemble.

(Note: Actually? Those line-upon-liners will be rocking more than "just" a hundred instruments. These guys are serious.)

There's a glorious uplifting of voices by Convergence – in an alley transmogrified to weird beauty with thousands of origami birds and more.

There's another party with more margaritas (and fresh tamales!), featuring a playlist of artist-curated cuts and the hilarious "motivational films" of Michelle Ellsworth.

And there's also … an installation by Johnny Walker … called "The Night Garden."

(Note: We're not exactly sure what this "Night Garden" might be – possibly a garden of some sort, to be viewed at night? – but we reckon another maragarita will make it just as enchanting as it needs to be.)

In any case, tonight's delights are all free, and:

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