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News Ticker: April 15

All the news that's fit to blog
Brandon Watson, 2:30pm, Mon. Apr. 15, 2013
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Only Steve Munisteri can protect you from the Democrats' dark powers
Steve Munisteri tries to reverse a spell, Jeremi Suri wants to strike first, and Steve Stockman makes a modest proposal. Controversy is on the News Ticker.

• The headquarters of the Boston Marathon has been locked down after reportedly two explosions blasted near the race's finish line. Several sources are reporting multiple deaths.

Bob Perry, the GOP bankroller responsible for the Swift Boat Vets, has died at eighty.

• Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri must have read the Harry Potter series one too many times.

Kill them all, let UT Professor Jeremi Suri sort them out.

• Former JP Eric Williams appears to be prime person of interest in the murders of Kaufman county DA Mike McLelland and ADA Mark Hasse.

• The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality attempts humor by calling climate change a "hotly debated" subject. A sitcom pilot, where the TCEQ plays the curmudgeonly dad of a free-spirtied daughter, is purportedly stalled in production.

• It's fair to say that the recent Nascar/NRA collaboration could have gone a little better.

• Rep. Steve Stockman's plan to defeat the Afghani insurgency might have some holes in it.

• Although it's doubtful that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, plenty of other historical figures would have probably liked the Biebes' knees. Lynette Fromme might even have one of his posters up now.

• Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal decides to capitalize on the "accidental racist" trend.

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