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Les Rav, More Talk

Lauren Bruno may have been more than City Council could handle
Brandon Watson, 10:12am, Fri. Apr. 12, 2013
Photo via Les Rav's Facebook
Usually the live music portion of Austin City Council meetings runs smoothly. After a brief performance, the band will maybe plug a new recording or express endless gratitude. It's all grins for the camera and the official honor. But when Les Rav took the stage yesterday, things got a little awkward.

The song – the sweetly poignant "Darkest" – was its own gift to the city. Then, instead of reciting the usual platitudes, Bruno made a plea for community support of artists – and took on several other subjects. Watch below as Mayor Lee Leffingwell squirms while Bruno makes full use of her moment in the sun. Her (thoroughly charming) speech starts at 07:00.

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