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News Ticker: April 10

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Brandon Watson, 3:44pm, Wed. Apr. 10, 2013
John Carona allowed the first pro-LGBT bill to reach the Texas Senate in more than a decade
HEB is in a pickle, John Carona shows some backbone, and President Obama makes an indecent proposal. Fortitude is on the News Ticker.

• The slate of summer blockbusters offers the usual assortment of spandex superheroes, but ten-year-old Hunter Aguilar somehow manages to make them all seem unimpressive.

• A group of immigrant fruit cutters are alleging that H-E-Buddy is actually kind of a jerk.

• The super PAC devoted to kicking incumbents out of office because they are all incumbent-y will be returning for the 2014 elections. In related news, the new heartburn procedure at Round Rock's Scott and White Hospital may prove to be very popular.

• Yesterday the Texas Senate passed a bill that would allow the University of Texas to keep in place the current cap of top 10% admittees, regardless of whether or not Abigail Fisher wins her legal hissy fit.

• Although Texans have seen more flip-flops from Dallas Sen. John Carona than during spring break in Port Aransas, sometimes he does have a spine. He was the only Republican willing to show up for the Committee on Criminal Justice vote to allow the Senate to consider extending the state's "Romeo and Juliet" law to gay teens.

• Almost no one is cozying up to President Obama's budget proposal, which seems mostly designed to make Republications look like jackasses.

• Thanks to lawmakers who just can't wait a couple more days to see who made the cover of Redbook, the U.S. Postal Service is stuck delivering on Saturdays.

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