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News Ticker: April 9

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Brandon Watson, 2:15pm, Tue. Apr. 9, 2013
Rep. Patricia Harless doesn't bow to the powerful voting convenience lobby.
Rick Perry basks in the glory, Dan Patrick refuses to give up, and Google makes some sort of announcement. Fiber is on the News Ticker.

• With typical cowboy swagger, Rick Perry's press office managed to make today's announcement about Google Fiber read like overheated copy from a baked beans ad. Bold indeed. Probably even better with ranch.

• Like a bratty little brother, AT&T was quick to steal some of the Google thunder by announcing its own intention to build a 1-gigabit fiber-optic network in Austin – and trolling for incentives to do so.

• The profusion of blue-clad people milling around Congress today is not in fact a Smurf cosplay convention.

• Today the Senate Education Committee is set to debate Dan Patrick's complicated bill that attempts to scratch Texas' business backs in exchange for totally uncoerced donations to a school choice scholarship fund. It's like the Mafia, except with more pleated khakis.

• Meanwhile, the Senate Business and Commerce Committee will take on John Carona's attempt to remake Texas in Oklahoma's image.

• Rep. Patricia Harless' nefarious plan to turn early voting periods into flash mobs is likely to be shelved.

• The readers of Southern Living think that four other cities are tastier than Austin, proving they don't know their grits from their granola.

• At least fourteen people were injured in a stabbing attack at the Lone Star College location in Cypress – just months after the community college system was rocked by a campus shooting.

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