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Baroness Will Reign Over Chaos in Tejas

Georgia metalers return after near-fatal crash
Richard Whittaker, 8:40am, Tue. Mar. 19, 2013
Photo by Sandy Carson
Return to the throne: After a near-fatal bus crash last year that forced them to miss Fun Fun Fun Fest, Baroness will play Chaos in Tejas this year

Three facts. One, Yellow And Green by Baroness was one of 2012's best albums. Two, the bus crash that nearly killed the band could have crippled them at the height of their powers. Three, they are resurrected, and have joined the Chaos in Tejas lineup.

Make no mistake: The band could have died. As guitarist John Dyer Baizley wrote on the band's blog (seriously, read that tragic, lyrical blog), they’re unbelievably lucky to survive. They were forced to cancel their highly anticipated Fun Fun Fun Fest set last Fall, and now, against all odds, they’re back onstage.

Chronicle music editor Raoul Hernandez bumped into Baizley last weekend, and he confirmed that the Virginia-via-Georgia quartet will be playing this year. Baizley was in town to sign copies of his artwork at the Burlesque Design stand at Flatstock, and to play a blistering solo set at SXSW. Check back to this Thursday’s edition of the paper for Michael Toland’s full review of an epic and moving return to Austin. As he writes, “Nobody comes as close to death as Baizley and his bandmates did and comes out unchanged."

Maybe this show will also help new fans discover how crushingly awesome Yellow And Green is. We admit it, it’s hard extracting a coveted five-star review out of Chronicle towers, but Baroness earned it.

They’re not the only additions. According to the Chaos Facebook page, also throwing themselves into the maelstrom are hardcore crews Bitter End, Soul Search and Culo; monster riffers Coliseum; former White House resident William Bennett in his sonic experimentation guise as Cut Hands; and Chaos veterans Waste Management. That’s on top of a lineup that includes The Damned, Bolt Thrower, Iceage, Andy Stott and more.

Chaos in Tejas runs May 30 to June 2. More info at

Read our five star review of Yellow and Green here. And, hell, check out the video for the monstrous 'Take My Bones Away'.

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